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ByStudor Handi-Vent 4 - Scroll Down to Purchase Online

Compact, High Functioning Air Admittance Valve (AAV) for Internal installations.

The ByStudor Handi-Vent 4 AAV provides plumbing drainage ventilation to prevent the loss of water trap seals in low rise buildings. It allows air to enter the drainage system, but does not allow foul gas to escape, in order to limit pressure fluctuations within sanitary pipework.

Benefits and features of the ByStudor Handi-Vent 4:

  • Simple push-fit connection to all brands of UK domestic soil pipe (3"/75mm and 4"/110m).
  • Compact size - no bigger than a 4"/110mm soil pipe.
  • High functioning - repeated opening and closing will not affect the sealing operation.
  • Maintenance free - fit and forget.
  • Ideal for the redesign of bathrooms and additional en-suites.
  • The product is CE marked and Aii rated within the code for AAVs (EN12380).
  • Designed to resist extreme temperatures and deterioration
  • Produced by Studor, who is the worlds only specialist manufacturer of drainage ventilation products.
  • The ByStudor Handi-Vent 4 is available in grey or black.

If you need further information about the ByStudor Handi-Vent4 please contact us.

For detailed product information, specifications and instruction sheets please go to the following web page:

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ByStudor Handi-Vent 4

ByStudor Handi-Vent 4
ByStudor Handi-Vent 4

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